xbox360 wireless chatpad 続報

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Installation Directions

There's a unique method of getting this driver to work which requires two other applications to be installed. Follow these installation instructions exactly before submitting any issues.

Installing the LibUSB Driver

Plug-In and Install the Native Drivers for your XBOX 360 Wireless Receiver.
Download LibUSB here. (v1.2.6)
Extract the Archive to a Directory.
Execute the following as an Admin: Directory/bin/Architecture/install-filter-win.exe
Select "Install a Device Filter".
Select the item with Description "Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows".
Select "Install" then after the confirmation box select Cancel.
Execute the following path: Directory/bin/inf-wizard.exe
Select "Next".
Select the item with Description "Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows".
Select "Next" then save the new .inf somewhere.
Select "Install Now" to install the driver.
Select OK at the confirmation, the LibUSB driver should now be installed.

Installing the vJoy Driver

Download vJoy here. (v2.0.2)
Install as an Admin with at least the vJoy Configuration Application.
Run "Configure vJoy" from the newly created Start Menu folder.
Match the following selection then hit OK: Basic Axes Selected: X, Y, Z, R/Rz/Rudder
Additional Axes Selected: Rx, Ry
POV Hat Switch: Continuous
POVs: 1
Number of Buttons: 11
The Configuration utility will disappear, the vJoy Driver should now be installed.
(注:ここの過程は一度設定したらいじってはダメ。原因は不明だが、"Configure vJoy"をやり直すと設定が壊れてしまい、パッド部が正常に機能しなくなる。うちの場合はスティック入力が右下に入りっぱなしになってそれ以外のボタン・スティック入力を一切受け付けなくなった。こうなったら一度vJoyをアンインストールしなおしてもう一度インストールし直す必要がある。)

Running the Xbox 360 Wireless Chatpad Application

Download the latest version of the application here.
Extract all of the files in the archive to a single directory.
Execute "Xbox 360 Wireless Chatpad.exe"
Follow in instruction in the application to connect your controller.
 Note: The first time you connect a controller, you should Calibrate it using the Windows Game Controllers utility in the Control Panel (Windows XP). The following describes different Axes during calibration (Xbox Stick: Windows Name)
Left Stick: Primary Axis
Left Trigger: Z Axis
Right Trigger: Z Rotation
Right Stick X: X Rotation
Right Stick Y: Y Rotation


Final Fantasy XIV Users

In order to use the Final Fantasy XIV compatibility mode, the vJoystick should be configured with the following settings instead of above:
Basic Axes Selected: X, Y, Z, R/Rz/Rudder
POV Hat Switch: Continuous
POVs: 1
Number of Buttons: 13 It is fine if you've already configured above, just re-run the utility and use these settings. Afterwards, launch the program like normal but before selection the Connect Controller button, check the Final Fantasy XIV box. After connecting, calibrate like normal in Windows, then you "should" be good to go in Final Fantasy XIV. In-game, you'll definitely want to check the controller calibration options to validate the settings are working properly.